Confessions of a nail varnish addict.


Like many others in this world i am a complete polishalholic, there is no limit to the amount of nail varnish i can have in my life. I mean seriously, i can’t stop myself, it’s an addiction that will never go and to be honest i’m completely OK with this. With my help I hope I can convert you into painting your nails that daring shade of pink, I mean why not? DO IT! Here are a couple of nail tips tricks, and also my favourite brands and colours.

But Paisley how do we keep our nails healthy? I’m going to tell you a few nail tips and tricks right now in a bullet point list, because who doesn’t like lists?

  • Never ever cut your cuticles, and i mean NEVER! If your cuticle beds are too high for your liking, gently push them down using a cuticle stick.
  • Welcome a glass nail file into your life, and change your life. Also whilst we’re on the topic of nail files, only do it in one direction ladies and gents.
  • Base, top, and clear coats really protect your nails from breaking. Base coats also protect your nails from soaking in darker colours you may use to paint your nails.
  • Glitter nail varnish is a complete nightmare to get off, so follow this simple way to get it off:
  1. Cut a cotton wool circle into a half
  2. Soak the cotton wool halves in nail polish remover
  3. Place the cotton wool half onto your nail
  4. Wrap a strip of foil around the cotton wool.
  5. Do this to all of your nail that have glitter nail varnish applied to them.
  6. Wait 10 minutes, then press down on the foil where your nail is and the glitter nail varnish should come right off.
  7. Be amazed at your new glitterless nails, and feel smug about your new skill for removing the most stubborn nail varnish of all.
  • Washing your hands drains the moisture from both your hands and your nails, so don’t forget to moisturise your hands, nails, and cuticles daily.
  • Don’t try to use heat to dry your nail polish, it just won’t work.
  • Apply your nail varnish in thin layers. It will dry quicker and prevents chipping, thick layers of nail varnish are more likely to smudge and will definitely chip extremely quickly.

My Top 5 favourite Nail Polish’s (in no order):

5. Dior £18.50-£20.00


I was ever so kindly treated to 6 of these beautiful nail varnish’s for my birthday last year, and i cannot recommend this polish enough! If you have an extra £18.50 knocking about, treat yourself to one and you will use it religiously.

Recommended colour: Marilyn
Where to buy: and

4. Essie £7.99


This nail varnish is middle of the market when it comes to budget, but it’s lower price in no way affects it when it’s up against the more expensive polish’s. The best thing about this nail polish is the brush applicator, unlike other brushes the Essie brush is rounded to the nail instead of thin like others; meaning Essie is probably the easiest nail varnish to apply to your nails if you’re in a rush.

Recommenced colour: Naughty Nautical
Where to buy:

3.Leighton Denny £11

Iconic Collection

My mum introduced me to the wonderful world of Leighton Denny nail varnish after being wowed by one of his segments on QVC (she’s a QVC worshiper). There are endless colours to choose from when it comes to Leighton Denny nail polish, and there’s no doubt you’ll develop an addiction to these super glossy colours. I’ve never used a nail varnish that applies so evenly, i would definitely say this is a favourite brand of mine.

Recommeded Colour(s): Hypnotic or Coral Reef
Where to buy? and

2. Maybelline Color Show £2.99 (usually on some kind of 3 for 2 though)


I have to admit this is my go to nail varnish if i need a new colour for a night out, and i’m not willing to spend more than £3, yes i am a cheap-skate sometimes; but who doesn’t like being thrifty with their money?! For £2.99 the colour range is fantastic and they are always adding new colours to the collection. I’ve found this nail varnish dries really quickly on my nails and could compete with the likes of Nails Inc (but that’s just my opinion) All nail polish lovers out there should give this polish a chance, but don’t blame me when you want the whole range of colours!

Recommended colour: All of them! But mostly Lavender Lies.
Where to buy? and

1. Nails Inc £8.00+

A nail varnish staple to any nail varnish lover. With it’s affordable luxury chic what’s not to love? Nails Inc are always at the forefront of any nail polish revolution and boast an impressive selection of over 140 colours on their website, the chances are you’ll never be stuck finding a colour that suits your mood. They also have Nail Bars which can be found in selected Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols; i can’t wait to try one out before i go on holiday to Turkey in October, my only problem will be choosing a colour.

Favourite colour? New Compton Street
Where to buy? 

Budget brands that are great: Rimmel 60 Seconds, Natural Collection, Barry M, and MUA.

Brands I need to try: MAC, Chanel, O.P.I and Illamasqua.

Helpful Tip: Always check your local TK Maxx for cheaper prices on brands like Nails Inc, O.P.I, Leighton Denny, Rimmel, and Bourjois.

Paisley-May x


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