That’s my bag baby!

I really enjoy looking at other people’s blogs about what’s in their bags, so i thought why not do my own? and that i have! You can tell a lot about a women from the things she selectively (or not so selectively in my case) chooses to carry around from day to day. I’ve sifted through all the rubbish of receipts from coffees i had months ago, to bar bill receipts i’d rather i didn’t see again, my poor eyes! (or should i say bank account, oops) to bring you the contents of my bag!

So now it’s your turn to take a nosy into my handbag!


This is my pride and joy, my baby, my most precious of bags and as you can tell she’s a bit battered and worn in! It’s a Moschino bag, i got it at a steal price in a sale at least two years ago. I knew it was posh because it came in it’s own bag; so it was a bag within a bag. What do i keep in this bag i hear you ask? All of this:


1) iPad Mini – My best friend once told me that her iPad had changed her life. I laughed and thought she was crazy…until i got one for my 23rd birthday…she was right! I really do love my iPad and it goes pretty much everywhere with me.

2) The Devil Wears Prada – I absolutely adore reading, and right now i’m reading this gem which costs me 85p from a charity shop. I tend to buy most the books i read in charity shops, i love finding hidden gems in them; instant high!

3) Benefit Positint Lip/Cheek Stain – I’m really pale so this colour goes great on both my lips and cheeks if i’m not feeling up to red lipstick that day.

4) Chanel Perfume – Smells like a floral dream, need i say more? Didn’t think so.

5) Glamour Magazine – I’ve read Glamour magazine since i was a teenager, and i still read it now. I find it’s the most quality consistent and diverse women’s magazine that is on the shelf. Not to mention they always have great freebies on the front most months!

6) Driving Theory Book – I’m currently learning to drive, and i have my theory test the 10th October so this little book is going everywhere with me at the moment so i can revise where-ever i go, wish me luck!

7) Benefit Hervana Blush & Vaseline Lip Therapy – I’ve accidentally marked two things as 7 my bad! This blusher should be a staple in everyone’s makeup bag, the lovely mix of pink shades makes it perfect for most skin tones.
I’m a teeny bit addicted to lip balms and i have a bag full, usually my lip balm fave would be Carmex but at the moment Vaseline Lip Therapy is edging it for me.

8) Bic biro – You should always carry a pen around with you, it’s just practical.

9) Kleenex Shine absorbing Sheets – I have a stock pile of these, i don’t know how i survived before i discovered these. I use them to get rid of any excess makeup before putting my powder on and you would not believe the difference it makes!

10) Neutrogena Grapefruit Moisturiser – I actually won this in a face care competition, and i’m so happy that i did because it’s my favourite moisturiser I’ve ever used! Bold statement i know, but the way it makes your skin feel is such a delight, so fresh and tingly.

11) Neom Hand Cream – Love this hand cream, the scent of rose is beautiful! They also do amazing candles!

12) HD Brow Palette – I used to draw on quite a thick brow as you can probably see from my photo on here, but just recently I’ve been testing out a more natural brow, and the HD Brow Palette is perfect for that! I’ve had this palette for months now and it’s still going, very much worth the money!

13) Barry M Lipstick – Barry M has been my trusty sidekick since high school and still continues to be a favourite in my makeup bag 10 years later! Plus i love my red lipstick so i have to carry one around with me all the time.

14) MUA Lipstick – I tell all my friends and family about MUA makeup because often people walk past the cheaper brands of makeup, however i beg you to take a look next time you’re in Superdrug because this range is amazing! This lipstick is £1 and i own nearly every single shade!

Thanks for reading!

Paisley-May x


7 thoughts on “That’s my bag baby!

  1. Have you tried The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Body Butter–it smells heavenly if you like grapefruity smells. I don’t think it’s the most moisturizing but it does the job and smells so good. Maybe I’ll give the Neutrogena one a shot when I run out. 🙂

    But love your “what’s in my bag” post! I did one too a few months back if you wanted to sneak a peek:


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