How to survive Freshers Week


Going to university is a strange time, you’re a mix of excitement, worry, dread, and then back round to excitement. Well luckily I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt….quite literally you get so much shit at freshers.

My first year at uni was an extremely mixed bag of emotions but looking back it was amazing and i don’t half miss it from time to time. So here are my pearls of wisdom:

1. Enjoy your freshers week; it goes without saying really, but seriously get yourself out there!

2. If you end up doing things you regret the next morning (i think you know what i’m getting at here) don’t stress, think logically and think where to go from there. Don’t feel awkward about it all uni students do things they regret, your choice is to learn from it or carry on with your ways, FREE LOVE! Okay not exactly free love but never feel ashamed.

3. That being said try to avoid second and third years, because they do tend to try it on with Freshers as they see you as easy prey.


4. Don’t buy other people drinks when you get drunk; drinks are a £1 nobody needs you to buy theres for them, save that money or end up skint. You can’t always rely on the bank of mum and dad.


5. If your Freshers week resembles mine then you’re going to have your introduction week, make sure you attend all of them but if not attend a couple, it’ll be far less daunting when it comes to your first proper day and it gives you the chance to meet people on your course! (i attended one but that’s not the point)

6. Make an effort with your flatmates you’ll have to put up with them all year! Or if in my case and not all your flat mates are your cup of tea, then make an effort with other people who live in your halls! Making friends with the other people in halls is how i met some best friends at uni! 984209_10152288813221091_1439581090_n

7. You might want to hide all your tagged photos and wall posts from your family on Facebook, or better still delete your family from Facebook. You’re going to get tagged in some ungodly photos, and also post some terrible drunk status’s, save yourself the embarrassing phone call from your mother asking about your explicit Facebook status at 4am the night before “No mum somebody else wrote that”.


8. Learn early what drinks don’t agree with you! I’m not going to lie i drank way too much at uni plenty of times and did some really questionable stuff only to be carried home by my flat mates (god love them). Try not to be that girl! Don’t drink beyond your means, you know how much you can handle!

9. For 7 days chaos is king, do not be that person moaning about a dirty flat! Go with the flow!


10. Join a society! Societies are a great place to meet other people and learn a new hobby or sport.


11. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, friendship and fun is found in unlikely places.

12. Fancy dress is a right of passage, you will be dressing up every week and you will learn quickly not to spend a lot of money on your outfits! 421244_4598537646273_506593669_n

13. You’re going to get Freshers flu and it’s going to be gross, but you’re not the first person to get it and you won’t be the last! Ride it out, take some Lemsip and carry on.

14. The fire alarm in your halls will go off weekly at least 8 times, get used to it.


15. Drugs are every where, drug dealers will approach you and give you their number, keep it or ignore it your choice. (maybe this was just in the area i was in, i’m not sure haha)


16. Invest in a full length mirror! We had one in my flat and it was upstairs in one of the lads rooms, massive effort walking up and down.

17. You’re not going to be wearing heels in Freshers don’t even try it! Converse and Vans will become your new BFF’s.

18. I can gaurentee you’re going to learn a million new chants about how you hate your rival university, and how your university is the best! A popular one that used to float about on my campus was “I’d rather be a poly than a c**t”

19. You’re going to meet a lot of “lads” with “sick banter”. The word banter gets thrown around way too much at university.IMG_1172

20. Don’t leave your door open because this is what will happen.



21. Most of your photos are going to look like this :


22. DOWN IT FRESHER! I wish i had a £1 for every time i heard this phrase that first year, because i could have dropped out of uni and lived the good life.

Living like a student isn’t pretty, It’s going to be loud, everyone is going to be drunk and you’re going to meet some really terrible people but that’s what makes it so great!

Maybe one day i can blog about my first year of uni, but i don’t think i’m ready to be that personal and have all you lot judge me 😉


(i’m aware i went from red hair to brown hair, i used to be a lot braver with my hair choices)

(i wanted to get this blog out which meant using photos off my 2nd laptop, hence the poor pictures, i was limited ok haha)


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