MUA is my BFF

I read all your glorious makeup blogs about your new MAC lipstick and your Urban Decay Naked Pallette and i groan, i actually groan. I’m far too poor for such high end brands right now and you all fill me with utter jealousy, which is probably why i bought over 40 items in the MUA sale last weekend. MUA can i just say firstly i love you for providing me with makeup that rivals the best of the best, and secondly you’re right makeup shouldn’t cost the earth. Writing blogs focused around makeup isn’t something that i do too often mainly because i’m really lazy about swatches and i hate cleaning them off my arm, but it’s 2015 and bitch needs to be more proactive SO HERE I AM.


First of all it’s quite obvious i can’t take photos of everything individually and review every single piece so I’ve decided to pick out 5 keys pieces.

Elysium Palette 4.8/5 – The self named “Day to Night palette” does just that, i pretty much live in these colours, i don’t seem to steer myself away from browns and golds, and why should i when MUA do these palettes? Yes they do rival Urban Decay and yes i would rather buy MUA. You’re getting the same heavily pigmented shadows you do with Urban Decay but at a tiny fraction of the price.



Pro-Base Prime & Conceal 3.8/5 – Pro-Base Prime & Conceal you intrigue me, i see you sitting there on the counter looking all mysterious and coy! I’m going to buy you and i’m going to put you all over my face.



– Lilac = Illuminates and mutes yellow undertones
– Green = Neutralises and reduces redness
– Yellow = Brightens and conceals purple tones
– Peach = Adds radiance
– Middle colour = Highlight
Some people may find this one slightly greasy and hard to use, but i really enjoyed using it and i will continue to use it, probably not daily bit definitely weekly.

MUA Brow Kit Fair – Mid 5/5 – Now my eyebrows are something that are they very important to me, they shape my face, they make me human on cold winter days. I’ve had many brow compliments over the years, and many brow insults all i can say to the brow haters is fuck you i have naturally thick brows anyway!
Before i used this palette i was using the HD Brow Palette and yes it is amazing but it’s also £17 more expensive than MUA’s. First of all out of all the products i bought in the sale this is by far the best and i would urge everybody to try it! Never have my eyebrows looked so bloody amazing! Everything about this product is great…EVERYTHING. Right now i’m listening to Christina Millian and it’s not the day for makeup so here is a picture of my eyebrows from Saturday night where i used this palette, i’m the girl in the middle, the rose between two thorns…i joke, i joke.

MUA Luxe Lip Laquer – Love it, buy it. I don’t even need to say anything else. The shade i went with is called Reckless and it made my lips look an absolute delight! Just make sure you don’t coat too many layers on!



MUA Lipstick – After this MEGA HAUL i now have every shade of MUA lipstick which must tell you something…YES IT IS AMAZING! My absolute favourite shade is the Matte Red – Scarlet Siren it is the best matte lipstick i have ever used.



I urge you to try out MUA if you haven’t already! If you do i would love to hear what you think about the products! I own all of the lipsticks so if you’re unsure about the lipsticks you know where to look!

sig No i didn’t get all this for free i actually paid for it.

Eyeshadow palette swatch taken from


10 thoughts on “MUA is my BFF

  1. I was actually looking at these today in super drug but was in a hurry so I couldn’t analyse properly but after this post I’m definitely buying their stuff. So good and shockingly cheap! Great for my student budget.

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