26 things only MySpace kids will remember

So recently I tweeted that I was going to be doing a blog about MySpace, and a couple of my followers responded about the shame they have over their MySpace accounts. This got me thinking about everyone’s said shame over their MySpace days…But I say screw the shame and bring on the celebration! The Celebration of how awkwardly Emo we all once were! If you haven’t already guessed by my blog I love a list, I list every thing, and I mean EVERY THING. So here’s my memories of the MySpace days from my geeky Emo perspective.

1. We all knew someone who was “famous” on MySpace.

2. Taking photos with actual cameras, ACTUAL DIGITAL CAMERAS.

3. The forever famous MySpace poses.

4. Why did we feel the need to give ourselves MySpace names? Oh hey BeckiRawr;<3!

5. Posting a bulletin was the early 2000s version of posting a Facebook status, only without the crippling social shame of zero likes.

6. Thinking you were some kind of HTML wizard because your background moved.

7. An about me that captured your angst ridden Emo teenage self. Oh I’m so mysterious and interning….

8. PC4PC anyone? or maybe dedicating a photo to someone? OR maybe you owned somebodies photo?

9. Top 8 drama.

10. Choosing your profile song to show how edgy you were. Check out this band every one they’re like Funeral For A Friend except you’ve never heard of them.

11. Jeffree Star…need I say more?


13. Everyone was really shocked all the time.

14. There were 3 types of people who used MySpace: Emos, Scene kids and Chavs.

15. You were really jealous of anyone with facial piercings.

16. Stretching your ears much to your mum’s despair.

17. Eyeliner, eyeliner and more eyeliner because who doesn’t want to look like the distant cousin of a panda bear?

18. Local bands doing local gigs was the event to be seen at come the weekend.

19. You spent most of your time filling out extremely self obsessed quiz’s, where you would obviously leave “Are you a virgin?” blank.

20. Skrillex was Sonny Moore and FFTL were a big deal.

21. Girls had some terrible, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE extensions. I feel 3 terribles don’t quite explain the extent of how bad some girls weaves were. Raccoon extensions anyone?

22. Tacky Plastic jewellery.

23. Everyone’s sexuality was extremely questionable, was she gay? was she straight? Who even knew.

24. Which leads onto the fad of Emo/Scene guys kissing other Emo/Scene guys.

25. Everyone was part of a “team”.

26. Contrast anyone?



8 thoughts on “26 things only MySpace kids will remember

  1. Now I wanna do this!! Do you mind if I make one like this, I’ll give you the credit for it?

    The Top 8 thing though, gosh! I was actually happy when more family members were coming on there because picking out of your friends was a bitch! By the end i think i just settled with only a Top 3 option.


  2. This is too funny! I was guilty of being a typical Myspace kid that attempted the extreme side part and bangs. And awful tacky plastic jewelry. I also did so many Myspace bulletins that I remember a girl in school saying “oh you’re the girl who takes a lot of Myspace surveys”.

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