Shine bright like a diamond 💍

I am obsessed with jewellery, some people have a penchant for shoes, others for bags but my Achilles Heel is most definitely jewellery. I often hear people say how they ‘don’t suit’ jewellery, well my friends that is quite simply ludicrous as i believe everybody suits jewellery, and everybody should wear it. Jewellery is a subtle way of extending your personality to others without even speaking. From time to time i’ll dabble in the making of my own jewellery, which is extremely rewarding and therapeutic. One day in the not too distant future i hope to turn it into my profession, but until then i will just marvel in awe at all the delightful high street jewellery the world has to offer me. So whether you’re a golden girl or a silver fox, jewellery is a great to explore your personal style. Now i am a HUGE fan of Asos as you can browse through hundreds of different makes and designers in one place, this is my come to place for adding new pieces to my ever growing jewelry collection. These are just some of the pieces that have caught my eye lately and will add an interesting twist on any Spring outfit. JJJJ Clickable links below for all the items above. Earrings: Oreila Stone and Crystal Stud Earrings £12Asos Mismatch Cinema Earrings £6Oasis Faux Pearl Flower Through & Through Stud Earrings £8. Necklaces: Warehouse Wishbone & Bar Multirow Necklace £12, Tatty Devine April Showers Cloud Necklace £35, Aldo Harmonie Beaded Collar Necklace £30. Rings: Tatty Devine Decoupage Flower Ring £21Orelia Open Teardrop Ring £12, River Island Filigree Excrusted Chain Ring £6. sig


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