My Makeup Free Week


I’ve probably worn makeup every single day of my life in some way since i was in year 9, so that would have made me 14? I think? Yeah i’m going to go with 14. My obsession with makeup started quite young as you can see, and of course it started with me dipping my hand into my mums makeup case. What were all these strange things? A pen for your eyes? Paint for your face? Say what now? Urban Decay was the first eye shadow palette i was ever brought and as everyone knows Urban Decay weren’t famed for their subtle undertones back then (i’m talking way before the naked palette ladies and gents) in fact i’m pretty sure it was this palette:

that i was wearing the day my form teacher wrote a note in my school logbook telling my parents about how my eye-makeup was more suitable for a ‘discoteque’ than a day at school. Looking back she was probably right but i was in love with my green eye shadow how dare she make me wash it off with cold water and crumbly cheap tissue paper. I’ve experimented with makeup for most of my teen/adult life so i thought why not experiment not wearing makeup for a week…which i thought sounded easy, too easy in fact, well i was definitely wrong. I learnt 5 things that week:

  1. I’m uncomfortable with my makeup-less face
  2. Taking makeup free selfies requires you take double the amount of selfies you would usually take until you find one that if people saw you wouldn’t punch a mirror.
  3. People are going to ask you if you’re ill or tired a lot.
  4. It gave me more spots.
  5. I have no will power as i caved and started wearing makeup again about halfway through the week.

Enjoy reading my handwriting.








11418247_10206716148087138_1934003769_n (1)




Saturday the night i caved hard to my inner makeup temptress, call me weak but my makeup is on point here so i don’t care.

My actual Glastonbury photo where i’m makeup-less which is odd. Untitled

I completely understand that not wearing makeup for a week is by no means a wonderful achievement, but i felt like being less dependent on something I’ve worn on my face for years.



2 thoughts on “My Makeup Free Week

  1. I’ve also tried this recently, and at first i avoided mirrors… but then I got used to it! and when it came wearing makeup again (after a week and a half), I wore significantly less. It was a good experience nonetheless. great post!

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