Tom Ford Lips and Boys Collection + Swatches



“I like the idea of lipsticks named after boys. Why commit to one when you can have several?” — TOM FORD

I’m pleased to announce i have 10 new men in my life, because sticking to 1 is so 2015. Packaged in a black and gold box it’s chic, it’s effortless, it’s luxury; so it’s only right that Tom Ford works within this chosen colour palette so often. I opened this on my 25th birthday and i will admit i had no idea what it was, as i’m not that familiar with Tom Ford beauty products. But something i am familiar with is the initials TF, and i knew that it was going to be expensive and i would be forever indebted to my boyfriend.

When i think of Tom Ford i think instant glamour and timeless looks, and that’s exactly what this product is about. Although retailing at £270 i understand it’s not exactly on everyones payday shopping list, but that’s where i come in to inform you all you can buy these colours individually (you probably already knew this though). Yes i know this box doesn’t come cheap, and yes i understand it’s just lipstick but it isn’t just any lipstick is it!? I’m sure there are ‘dupes’ out there but for once i just don’t want to hear it, every once in a while you should treat yourself, and you should try the expensive lipstick. Every man and women every now and again is deserving of this kind of wearable extravagance.

All the lipsticks in this box are striking and individual, the colours definitely have a lot more about them than your usual lipstick. Cleverly named after the men in his life that have inspired him, you can wear a different man every day if you catch my drift.

Theo – my penchant for darker lip colours will never die, i love the tones, and depth you get with darker lipsticks. Theo is my new dramatic friend, the staying power of Theo is admirable he does not budge, i wore him on a heavy night out and only reapplied once in the 8 hour period. This colour creates an air of power and sophistication, it’s a welcome twist of the already crowned market of the darker lip.

Julian – I can’t say that i’m a huge fan of the nudes, the pinks, the beiges when it comes to lipstick but that’s only because my life has been consumed for so long by bold colours. Julian has shown me that milder colours can still be as impressive as the bolder colours. I wear Julian mostly as a casual shade, a sort of every day colour, it accentuates your lips further without having to commit to too much colour. The application of these lipsticks is extraordinary, this is due to the lipstick being made from rare ingredients such as Brazilian murumuru butter, soja seed extract and chamomilla flower oil. The luxurious ingredients make for a more rich and luscious texture making for smoother application.

With so many of the colours in this palette being muted pinks and metallics, this set has given me the much needed push i need to try different tones when it comes to my daily makeup.

Leonardo – I like to think this one is named after Leonardo DiCaprio, although it probably isn’t. Leonardo is my fail safe, he is my rock, my one and only…Leonardo is a red lipstick. I have every shade of red lipstick going, i will wear any shade of red, don’t try to tell me it doesn’t suit my skin tone because i am not listening.

Swatch of colours used:

Swatch of all colours:





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