10 things that will happen when you move out


1. You will run out of toilet roll no matter how prepared you are.


2. There’s a lot of basic items you’ll forget to buy.
I am craving beans on toast, lets go fulfil that craving…oh wait i don’t have a tin opener.


3. You will clean every where it will look great, and then 3 hours later it’ll look like the same shit tip it was before.


4. See that bread in your cupboard? It’s going to go mouldy.


5. Remember when you didn’t pay for the privilege that is electricity? Remember when you’d roll your eyes at your dad for moaning about leaving lights on? Well guess what, now you are your dad, and you have some kind of electricity sixth sense.


6. You’re gonna go to IKEA, and get carried away only to be told the total and be like


But i only bought photo frames and glass bottles ornaments…and a rug, oh and 8 pillows…that’s it i swear part from the book case and the coffee table?! You will say.

7. You’re going to get obsessed with candles. You will also have at least 1 candle related conversation a month with your mum, or an older female work colleague.


8. That first time you go home only to find your room isn’t your room now. Your brother has turned it into his new wardrobe/xbox room/living room/he’s living the life and has 2 rooms. Unfortunately this room is no longer yours.


9. Food is expensive, really expensive; i took my full fridge at home for granted, and my £1.90 Sabra humous addiction is not cheap.


10.You’ll slowly turn you place into a home, somewhere you want to come home to, and it’ll feel surprisingly satisfying.









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