Urban Decay Setting Spray Review

For anyone wondering this villa is actually on Airbnb, and it is stunning.

10:30am: First full day in Marbella, my boyfriend is insisting we leave the villa to explore Purteo Banus. It’s 23 degrees outside and it’s only 10:30, my skin is so white i should come with a warning label ‘Keep out of direct sunlight’, how will i survive such heat?! and more importantly how will my makeup survive such heat? I am now filled with all these first world problems…that is until my boyfriend throws my Urban Decay Setting Spray at me. THANK YOU MAKEUP GODS! I totally forgot i’d bought this. I do my makeup, i do my hair, i throw on the floatiest of dresses and i spritz my face with the magic water, which comes out less water fight and more on the side of cooling and refreshing; almost therapeutic . I hold little hope for it holding out in such intense heat, call me a pessimist, but with a life full of makeup letdowns (Nars Orgasm blush i’m looking at you), i never get too excited.

12:00pm: The car has air con i am safe here, the car dashboard reads at 28 degrees and i know it’ll keep rising. My makeup is looking great still, considering i’ve already walked to the shop at the end of the road this morning to buy an ice lolly and i broke out in a mini sweat. Purteo Banusis slightly crazy and obviously favoured by the super rich, i can’t quite believe what i’m looking at and we haven’t even parked the car yet. My boyfriend isn’t used to driving a 4×4 so obviously parking was slightly comical, i’m sure he’d say otherwise.

12:30pm: Oh my god, OH MY GOD it’s hot…it’s really fucking hot. My boyfriend is insane for wanting to come out in this heat, this is why i’m strictly a night owl on sun holidays. Get me back to that villa pool right now! I can do this, it’s fine it’s just a bit of 32 degree heat, you got this girl.

3:00pm: After lazing about in the sun and looking at all the designer clothes i can’t afford, i have completely forgotten about the fact i am still wearing makeup; and with no mirrors around i’m glad because i feel as if i am melting alive. Boyfriend suggests food, which is the best idea he’s had all day.
4:15pm ish: As we all know alcohol and makeup do not mix. If your skin is anything like mine, it turns blotchy and patchy. It’s 4:15pm and lunch has turned liquid for me, 3 strawberry daiquiris later and shots of limoncello (it comes out with basically every meal you eat in Spain who knew) i decide it’s time to look at my face in the toilet. I walk in head down avoiding any mirrors, ready to be greeted by the face of a sweaty, patchy ogre…but wait a miracle has occurred, my face is the same as it was 6 hours ago.
5:00pm: Back at the car and remember it’s about time i took a photo of my face to prove i’m not fabricating my love for Urban Decay.
Disclaimer: Yes i do pull all the typical photo faces and poses i can’t help myself.

5:30pm: Makeup is still so good i decide i won’t bother redoing it for the meal i’m heading to at 9pm, just hoping it holds up for another 4 hours whilst i have a quick nap.
7:00pm: I slept way over the hour i thought i’d sleep and woke up in a dazed and confused state, makeup is still alive and well although i don’t recommend falling asleep in a maxi dress. I now decide even if i wanted to re-do my makeup i don’t have time, so i just change my lip colour and put on fake eyelashes as my own lashes are poor excuses.
8:30pm: Pre dinner photos and i’m still wearing the same foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrows as this morning. This is an excellent achievement and by this point i’m considering adding it to my CV.

Overall i’m clearly thrilled my Urban Decay Setting Spray managed to last over 13 hours in up to 36 degree heat. If it can last in Marbella without fail, then it can last the winter months on the streets of the Midlands this winter!





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