About me

Hi everyone,

Just a quick introduction to my blog and a bit about me!

I’m April and this is my blog Paisley May Says…, this blog will be the place where  i discuss everything i’m interested in from beauty to music to plus-size fashion! I’m welcoming every one into my world of words, I’m extremely new to this and i’m learning as i blog. If you find my blog of interest to you at all please follow me and feel free to comment on my posts if you ever have any questions. This is very much a something for every one kind of blog so i hope you enjoy!

I’m a charity shop enthusiast, red lipstick lover, bookworm, cocktail admirer, pizza obsessed girl.

Quick facts about  me:

  • Age? 23
  • Single? No, in a relationship with a lovely bearded man.
  • Where were you born? Wolverhampton
  • Does that mean you have a black country accent? No not at all, it faded away when i went to uni, but luckily my annoying uni accent has also gone.
  • Favourite movie? 10 Things I Hate About You or Mrs Doubtfire
  • Hobbies? Reading, Jewellery making, art.
  • Favourite band? The Cure
  • Favourite Food? PIZZA! I am in a fully committed relationship to pizza.

I look forward to blogging for you wonderful people of the internet.





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